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Announcing Our New Range of 2020-21 Destination Guides

At Discova, we are all about sharing our expertise to help our partners give their travellers the most from their travelling experiences. We want to allow our partners to make well-informed decisions so that they can offer trips that are perfectly tailored to suit the needs and interests of their customers.

Our new range of destination guides neatly packages some of this knowledge that we possess into enticing, inspirational material that can help our partners and their customers achieve their travel ambitions.

Whatever the priorities of the traveller, whether they be looking for a beach escape or to delve into a bustling metropolis, whether they are looking to party or contribute sustainably to a local economy, or a mixture of all these things, there are opportunities to be found within our guides.

Today, we launch brochures for 8 of our destinations – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, Myanmar, and Costa Rica. Look out specifically for our ‘Discova the Difference’ packages that offer truly unique experiences, as well as an understanding of our commitments to sustainable tourism and contributing positively to our host communities. You can browse and be inspired here.

2021 – The Year of Overdue Exploration!

With the launch of our destination guides comes a wave of optimism as we dwell on the possibilities of renewed travel into next year. As we accumulate these brochures showcasing all the beautiful destinations that the world has to offer, we can’t help but feel excited at the promise of sharing meaningful and life-changing experiences with your travellers. Just imagine…


Stride out from the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea to dry off and relax on the pristine white sands of Patong Beach. It is bustling with people planning their evening ahead, but there is space to sunbathe and enjoy a cocktail or two while soaking up the sun. It is just the beginning of the trip – a delightful beach escape before taking on the compelling sights, sounds, and smells of busy Bangkok with its big-city charms. Then onto the north to bookend the trip with some spiritual relaxation among the temples. Read about the different possibilities here.

Thailand mock up brochure


Look through our Vietnam guide and be confronted with plenty to contemplate – what can be squeezed in? Is there time to visit magnificent mystical mountains and explore the endless serenity of the meandering Mekong Delta? Is it also possible to discover the secrets hidden among the awe-inspiring caves and learn cultural and historical lessons from the museums of the major cities, all in one trip? Read about the different possibilities here.

Vietnam mock up brochure


After hiking through the deep jungles of the Indonesian rainforest, encountering its inhabitants, scaling volcanoes and discovering magical hidden temples, thank goodness there is a week at a luxury resort near the beach to recuperate and refresh after all the exertion. Though only so much relaxation is necessary, and there’s sure to be a bar or two offering the chance to socialise. Read about the different possibilities here.

Indonesia mock up brochure


After a day marvelling at the inspirational features of Marina Bay and its presentation of what the cities of the future may look like, it’s time to decide what’s for dinner. Not a simple decision, a Goan curry amid the colour and craziness of Little India or some stir-fried noodles in Chinatown? Or, how about a selection of tasty treats encompassing all the culinary influences, from Malay to Indonesian, East Asian to Thai, at one of the city’s many hawker centres. Read more about the possibilities here.

Singapore mock up brochure


The promises of an early wake-up for a trip to see a sunrise can put a few travellers off, but the majestic panoramas of Angkor Wat at dawn are enough to get anybody out of bed. As the sun rises and the ancient buildings emerge and change with the light of day, the trip itself is only just beginning in this country that offers so much more. Read about the possibilities here.

Cambodia mock up brochure


Arriving in the izakaya on the first evening in Tokyo, a debate ensues over a few beers and some sakes. The nature-lover wants to visit pristine Hokkaido, the adventurist wants to go scuba diving around the Okinawa islands, the culture enthusiast says there is so much to learn in Honshu that they won’t be able to leave. They all agree that Mount Fuji is a must and want to keep sampling the delicious food along the way. The debate will continue into the night…Read more about the possibilities here.

Japan mock up brochure


After visiting the ancient ruins of Bagan by bicycle, observing the transition from old Burma to modern Myanmar in the cities of Mandalay and Yangon, and exploring the unblemished beauty of Ngepali beach, there is one overarching continuity throughout the visit to Burma – the warm hospitality of the Burmese people. Read more about the possibilities here.

Myanmar mock up brochure

Costa Rica

“Pura Vida” welcomes travellers at the airport and “Pura Vida” will see them off – it means hello and goodbye but encompasses a whole world view meaning ‘pure life’. After a trip discovering serene beaches, impressive volcanoes, incredible biodiversity, and seeing how the Ticos themselves treat their environment as precious – the feeling of purity of life stays in the mind long after the trip has finished. Read more about the possibilities here.

Costa Rica mock up brochure

Our destination guides provide the blueprints for amazing trips to fascinating places, but our teams are always on hand to offer more expertise and advice. If you have any questions or enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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