COVID-19 Situation Update

February 18 2020
Coronavirus update from Discova on the ground

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19: Update from Discova’s Team On The Ground


Last Updated: April 27th 2020


Following the December outbreak of novel coronavirus – now officially termed ‘Covid-19’ – our global team have been closely monitoring the situation and in response activated a number of additional measures to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. At this time, there is no need to be distressed; rest assured that the Discova team are on the ground to manage any changes. 

We have activated prevention measures such as improved hygiene facilitation and enabled our Incident Response Team so that our staff and customers are supported 24/7. We are working to ensure these procedures are complied with not only on Discova operated tours but also where we have to use third-party suppliers.

Recent measures put in place by Discova: 

Discova guides, drivers, airport reps and in-destination hosts may be wearing masks for protection.

All guides, drivers and vehicles will have hand sanitiser on hand. Additional hygiene measures have also been put in place to ensure our vehicles are properly sanitised every day. 

Incident response process has been put into place 

Tours will avoid wet markets where there may be raw meat or livestock. If this is unavoidable, our guests will have the option to opt out of that part of the tour or to take extra precaution in wearing masks and using hand sanitisers. 

There is no need to be alarmed, however, everyone should take the necessary precautions to avoid infection and the spread of false information. There has been a large amount of misinformation spread both on and offline. We encourage you to monitor the WHO situational updates which may be found here for the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

Tips for Travellers  

At this time, we recommend that travellers consider taking general precautions to minimise their risk.  

• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser. 

• Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands. 

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick. 

• Stay away from public areas and seek medical assistance if you are sick. 

• Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. 

• Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces. 

Latest Updates

Travel Advice

Due to the constantly evolving situation we strongly recommend checking official travel advisories prior to travel. These can be found using the links below or through your national government website.



UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Travel advice


US State Department International Travel Advice


Australian Government Smart Traveller


Travel Updates

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    General Situation

  • Public sector closures in addition to travel restrictions and closures of all tourist sites, some sites are slowly beginning to resume.

  • Disruptions to public transport in most major cities.

  • Officials in Beijing are imposing 14-day quarantines to all arrivals.

  • The Chinese Government announced the suspension of all entry to foreign arrivals from March 28th onwards.


  • Most tourist attractions.


    General Situation

  • The Vietnamese government have introduced a medical declaration at borders for all pax arriving in Vietnam. Visitors can choose to complete the physical form at any immigration checkpoint or fill it in online at (currently available in Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Korean, Italian and Thai).

  • Vinh Phuc commune has been released from quarantine.

  • Passengers who have come from, or transitted through, China, Hong Kong, Italy, South Korea or Iran must report and be medically examined upon arrival to Vietnam. Anyone with suspected symptoms will be taken to a quarantine facility. 

  • The government of Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend visa exemptions for citizens from Italy and South Korea from March 3rd. Visitors from these countries will require a valid visa to enter the country.

  • The government of Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend visa exemptions for citizens from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain (Effective from 12 March). Visitors from these countries will require a valid visa to enter the country.

  • Foreign Nationals arriving in Japan from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Republic of Korea will be asked to stay in designated facilities for 14 days.

  • From the 15th March, the Vietnam Government will postpone all visa-on-arrivals and entry into Vietnam for any passengers that have travelled to the Schengen area or to the UK in the past 14 days, including those just in transit.

  • Vietnam announced on March 17th that they would temporarily cease all provision of visas, effectively barring travellers without a valid visa already issued from entering the country until the suspension is lifted.

  • Vietnam Airways have announced that they will be suspending all flights globally until April 30th 2020.


  • All festivals/events have been cancelled.

  • There have been isolated incidents of hotels and cruise boats being quarantined. We are working with customers and suppliers to provide alternative arrangements where possible.

  • Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long and Coto Island will be closed from the 12th March through to the 27th of March.

  • Hoa Lu Ancient Capital is closed.

  • Yen Tu Pagoda is closed.

  • Long Son Pagoda is closed.

  • Mountain Church is closed.

  • Cai Be is closed.

  • Con Phuong Island and Mango Home are closed.

  • Yen Duc Village is closed.

  • Cao Dai is closed.

  • Hoi An Ancient Town, Tan Ky Ancient House, the Museum of Folk Cultures, Travel Que Village, Cham Islet, Cam Thanh, Thanh Ha and cultural shows are all closed. 

  • Entertainment venues are closed in Ho Chi Minh City and Danang.


Hong Kong
    General Situation

  • Travel restrictions in place for travellers who have been to Hubei Province in the previous 14 days.

  • Passengers arriving in Hong Kong who have been to Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do in Korea, Iran and the Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy and Veneto regions in Italy in the past 14 days need to stay in a quarantine centre.

  • Passengers arriving from China or having been in China in the past 14 days are subject to compulsory home quarantine for 14 days.

  • Arrivals from all foreign countries will be barred from entering Hong Kong until further notice.


  • Disneyland Park

  • Nong Ping Cable car

  • All ferries to mainland China

  • All ferries to Macau

  • Ocean Park

  • All trains to mainland China


    General Situation

  • All passengers arriving in Japan from the following countries/regions will be asked to first stay at designated facilities for 14 days, and to avoid using any public transportation. All visas that have been already issued will be cancelled and visa exemption will be suspended. These countries include China, Hong Kong, Macao, Republic of Korea, Ireland, Andorra, Iran, United Kingdom, Egypt, Cyprus, Croatia, Vatican, Bulgaria, Monaco, Romania and all countries of Schengen Agreement. A detailed list of countries and regions can be found here:

  • The 2020 Olympics have been postponed. Rescheduling is currently being undertaken but it is suggested that both the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held before the summer of 2021.

  • A State of Emergency has been declared nationwide until May 6th.


  • Most tourist attractions have been closed until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to the popular locations listed below. For the complete list of closures, please see the dedicated page of the Japan National Tourism Office.

  • Tokyo Ghibli Museum is closed.

  • Sumo Stables, Kabuki and Noh Theatres are closed.

  • Tokyo Hello Kitty Land is closed.

  • Tokyo Robot Restaurant is closed.

  • Tokyo Team Lab museum is closed.

  • Tokyo Sky Tree is closed.

  • Edo-Tokyo Museum is closed.

  • Disneyland Park and Disney Sea are closed.

  • Universal Studios is closed.

  • Kyoto National Museum is closed.

  • Osaka Castle museum is closed.

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum is closed.


    General Situation

  • Passengers who have been to Mainland China, South Korea, Iran, and Northern Italy in the previous 14 days are not allowed to transit or enter Singapore.

  • Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) elevated to Orange on 7th Feb.

  • Singapore will block entry or transit for visitors who travelled to Italy, France, Spain and Germany within the last 14 days. Date of effect: Sunday 15th March 2020.

  • From 16th March 2020, any passengers entering Singapore with recent travel history to ASEAN countries, Japan, Switzerland or the United Kingdom will be issued with a 14-day stay-home notice.

  • Effective March 20, 11.59pm, all Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass holders and short term visitors entering Singapore will be issued with a 14-day Stay-Home Notice (SHN). They will have to provide proof of the place where they will serve the 14-day SHN.


  • A lockdown is in effect for all non-essential businesses and stay at home advisories are in place.


    General Situation

  • Travellers showing increased temperatures over 38 degrees celsius are being designated 'patient under investigation' and transferred to designated hospitals for quarantine and/or treatment.

  • The Thai government have announced an emergency decree barring all foreign travellers from entering the country at all entry points. The exception being diplomats, air cargo, pilots and foreigners with a work permit.

  • Thai Airways has suspended all flights to Europe from April 1st to May 31st and all regional flights from March 25th to May 31st.

  • A ban on inbound international flights has been extended until further notice.


  • Phuket International Airport will be closed from April 10th to April 30th.


   General Situation

  • The Cambodian Government have announced that from the 17th March, they will not be permitting entry to foreign nationals from Italy, Germany, Spain, France and the USA until further notice.

  • From the 18th March the entry ban will extend to include passengers from Iran.


  • The water crossings including the border crossing at Chau Doc are closed to all travellers.

  • Phare Circus is closed.

  • All entertainment venues.

  • The Royal Palace, Killing Fields, National Museum and Tould Sleng are all closed.

  • Cambodia Living Arts is closed.

  • Angkor National Museum is closed.


Costa Rica
    General Situation

  • The border will be closing at 11:59pm on Wednesday, March 18th until May 15th. Only Costa Rican's and Residents will be allowed to enter the country. 


  • All schools in the country have been closed until April 13th. All gyms, pools, cinemas and sports centres are closed.

  • Restaurants, bars and casinos are requested to have only the 50% vacancy. 

  • Residents are advised to stay home/ work from home if necessary and only go out if absolutely necessary.


Dominican Republic
    General Situation

  • Effective from 6am Thursday March 19th, all entry to the Dominican Republic is barred for all travellers with the exception of nationals and permanent residents of the Dominican Republic.

  • All flights will be barred from entering the country other than ferry flights to support travellers getting home.

  • A curfew is in place from 5pm to 6am as of March 20th.


  • Any and all political, religious, entertainment events, bars, discotheques, concerts and gatherings are suspended for 15 days, from March 19th.

  • All restaurants are closed other than to provide take away and delivery services.

  • All non-essential businesses and public markets will be closed.


    General Situation

  • All entry and transit has been barred for foreign travellers until further notice. The exception being diplomats, air cargo, pilots and foreigners with a work permit.


  • Some hotels are closed.

  • Beaches are closed.


    General Situation

  • The Laos government have announced suspensions of visa exemption policies, and issuance of e-visa's, visa-on-arrivals and tourist visas until the 20th April 2020. Visa's are being issued for non-tourist purposes only. These suspensions will be in effect from the 20th March.


  • None.


    General Situation

  • All entry and transit has been barred for foreign travellers until April 14th. 

  • The Malaysian government announced a movement control order, restricting movement around the country. This restriction includes cancellation of all religious, sports, social and cultural activities. During this time, foreign tourists will be also be banned from entry. This movement control order will now be in place until May 12th and likely to be extended beyond that. Interstate travel will require a permit from the district police headquarters.


  • Only essential businesses remain open.


    General Situation

  • No travel bans are in place but it is not recommended to travel. The Mexican government are recommending a 'stay home' program until further notice.


  • Only essential businesses remain open.

    General Situation

  • Myanmar have announced the suspension of all visa provisioning until April 30th.

  • Effective from 25th March 2020, all passengers to Myanmar are required to present health certificates to their airline at check-in certifying no risk of being infected by COVID-19. The health certificate must be issued no more than 72 hours before the flight departs. They will be subjected to a 14 Day facility quarantine on their arrival in Myanmar.


  • None.

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Coronavirus update from Discova on the ground

COVID-19 Situation Update

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19: Update from Discova’s Team On The Ground