Havana, Cuba

Havana – Selling the Caribbean City That Never Sleeps

October 9, 2022

Want to introduce your travellers to Cuba? There is no better place to start the journey than in its electrifying, sentimental capital, Havana. We added this country to our portfolio in August and are especially excited to reveal its capital’s vivid arts and music scene, intoxicating nightlife and passionate past.

Havana is included in all our multi-day itinerary packages and Cuba overall is now easily accessible to visitors from all over the world (including US citizens). We want to inspire your trip planning for your travellers with a few of our highlight experiences in the city.

Entertaining Learning

Our multi-stop Cuba itineraries always include a couple of days exploring Havana, but if your travellers want to get to know the city more intimately, they can enjoy several consecutive days on a curated tour. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if your travellers want to extend their experience here, with the city offering no shortage of epic cultural experiences. Before they head out into its vivacious nightlife scene, they can enjoy a few of the following daytime activities:

Tasting Havana

Cigar and rum are synonymous with Cuba, so it’s no surprise that we centre a few of our activities here on these local favourites. In Havana, guests discover the methods behind cigar rolling, while enjoying a rich coffee and a selection of the country’s finest rums. 

Cigar rolling and rum tasting in Havana
Tobacco consistently remains one of Cuba's top three exports, with Cuban cigars considered of the finest in the world

Step by step, rumba and salsa

Much the way Cuban cigars are best experienced in their country of origin, so are Cuban salsa and rumba. Your travellers can enjoy one or both in Havana, learning the unique ways of two dance styles that have a bold Afro-Spanish flare and a thrilling, sensuous tempo. Experiencing rumba in Havana is particularly special as this is one of the urban centres in which it originated. Part of the dance experience can also include a visit to a world-class dance academy, where local dancers give personal insight into their practice and careers.

Salsa dancers Indira Mora and Lazaro David Ramirez of Rakatan dance company photographed in a small side street close to Prado in Havana
Salsa dancers Indira Mora and Lazaro David Ramirez of Rakatan dance company photographed in a small side street close to Prado in Havana

Curated art tour

Havana has become increasingly well-known and loved for its contemporary art scene. The city has produced internationally acclaimed artists and boasts local and foreign galleries in alternative, eclectic art spaces. On a customisable tour, your travellers can visit multiple galleries and will be introduced to the artists themselves, getting personalised insight into modern Cuba’s art scene and the life of its creatives.

Art tour in Havana, Cuba
Whether on canvas or on wall, Havana's art scene is typically bold and proud

Ernest Hemingway’s Cuba

Famed writer Ernest Hemingway spent over 30 years living on and off in Cuba. The Illinois-native had a true love affair with the island and is today, unsurprisingly, one of the best-known figures in Cuban history. The eccentric wordsmith had a few favourite watering holes and spots in Havana itself, and during a 3-hour trip in a vintage convertible, your travellers can step into his shoes and past.

Ernest Hemingway history and life in Cuba
Hemingway spent nearly 20 years living in a beautiful home just outside of Havana, which today serves as a museum and is open to the public

The pull of Cuban nightlife

You can’t speak of Havana without bringing up its colourful, magnetic nightlife. As the sun sets the city seems endowed with an even greater surge of energy, and it’s in the jazz clubs, bars and cabaret shows that your guests will discover Havana’s soul.

Guided bar hopping

While your travellers may want to freely explore the city’s drinking hubs, we also offer a guided tour of the nightlife with several bar stops. The bonus? They arrive in the best spots at the best times, enjoy specialty cocktails and can skip the queues!

Havana nightlife and bar hopping tour
Havana's sea front promenade comes to life after sunset

Buena Vista Social Club

More than music, a night with the famous Buena Vista Social Club is an unmissable Havana experience. The club concert highlights the best of Cuban music and is supported by the Grammy-winning ‘Afro Cuban Allstars’ and other renowned local musicians. The priceless musical entertainment is accompanied by a flavorful Cuban dinner.

Buena Vista Social Club in Havana
The original Buena Vista Social Club album was recorded over seven days in Havana in 1996, bringing together famed names of the golden age of Cuban music from the 1940s and ’50s

Tropicana Cabaret Cuba

A treat for the eyes, ears, and soul. The extravaganza that is Tropicana is world-famous and a startling, pleasing display of Cuban music, dancing, singing and costume that is sure to be a highlight of your travellers’ Cuba trip. The spectacular performances are hosted on a six-acre tropical garden estate.

Tropicana Cabaret Cuba
Tropicana opened its doors decades ago, on December 30, 1939

Curated Cuba travel

Cuba, and particularly its capital, are for the fun and culture seekers. The above activities are just the start of our offering in Havana, and we have some exceptional accommodation options here too to complement the experience. Whether you want to offer your travellers any of our existing itineraries, or design something unique and personalised for them, we can adjust and expand these products to suit every need and want.  


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