CASE STUDY: PhishMe Incentive Trip

January 9 2017

CASE STUDY: PhishMe Incentive Trip


Date: 5th – 8th January 2017

Client: Prestige Global Meeting Source for PhishMe

Event: Private transportation and Water Scrabble Team Building

Destination: México

Attendees: 350

Discova’s MICE specialists worked alongside Prestige with on-site support and operation for the PhishMe Incentive Trip, held at Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Hotel. This incentive was organized in Cancun, Mexico so that PhishMe participants could gather, share client experiences and network with one another.

Key Points

• Attendees came from all over the world to participate in training sessions thought the day.

• Interaction with participants.

• Private transportation for scattered arrivals and departures was provided

• A Water Scrabble Team Building was created especially for this program


The Water Scrabble Team Building was the highlight of the program. The Discova’s MICE specialists worked along with the client in creating a unique and special interactive activity, so the attendees could get to know each other and use their competitive skills.

“It is few and far between that I find a DMC that I trust implicitly. I am happy to say that I have found that with them. They handled everything efficiently and professionally. I am grateful for their expertise.”

Emily Bender

Senior Account Manager,
Event Services prestige

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