Tailor-made Singapore Tours

Bustling, diverse and modern, Singapore is one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. Developed from a sleepy fishing village into a glittering metropolis, the island city-state is famous for its glitzy skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls and super clean streets. However, Singapore is far from sterile. Once you start peeling back the concrete surface, you’ll encounter a colourful mix of cultures, a diverse range of flavours and extensive green spaces – all of which make Singapore a truly unique destination.

Get inspired with some sample experiences

Discover Singapore’s Southern Islands


Discover Singapore beyond its main island on this half-day cruise. Aboard an elegant yacht, spend a day at sea, taking in the natural beauty of the nation’s Southern Islands. Hear interesting stories about some of the islets, learn about Singapore’s first marine park and visit the religious monuments on Turtle Island by foot.

Discova the Difference

This cruise offers travellers a different perspective of the island nation and is the first of its kind in Singapore. Also take advantage of the exclusive rates our Singapore team have secured, valid till December 2020.

Taste of Chinatown


Spend an evening exploring Singapore’s Chinatown district, a bustling enclave that straddles the line between old and new. Learn about the opium dens of the not-so-distant past, ancient spiritual practices and traditional Chinese tea culture, before sampling a range of local dishes at one of the biggest food centres in the country.

Discova the Difference

To make this tour unique, we’ve incorporated a stop at a local effigy shop. This offers a rare insight into the fascinating centuries-old practice of burning paper money (and other objects) as a way of paying homage to the dead.

Things to know

Capital City: Singapore

Population: 5.6 million

Language: Malay is the recognised national language in Singapore, but English is the lingua franca. The majority of Singaporeans speak English as a first language, generally in addition to another mother tongue of Malay, Chinese, or Tamil.

Currency: The official currency is the Singapore dollar. The Brunei dollar is also accepted at a 1:1 exchange rate. Some hotels and shopping centres will accept other major currencies like US and Australian dollars, Japanese yen, or the British pound. ATMs are everywhere and major credit cards are widely accepted without surcharges. Money can be changed easily at moneychangers, but also at banks, which don’t charge a service fee.  

Citizens from most countries can travel to Singapore for 30 or 90 days without a visa. There are 35 countries that need to apply for a visa in advance, and 14 of these are eligible to apply for an eVisa.


Singapore doesn’t have clear cut seasons, and temperatures remain consistent year-round, hovering between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. Humidity is high and thunderstorms happen on an average of 167 days per year. In general, it’s hottest in April, coolest in January, and greenest in November.

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