Tailor-made Vietnam Tours

Discover the staggering beauty of this majestic country with a tailor-made Vietnam tour!

From the calm to the chaotic and the ancient to the innovative, Vietnam is a veritable melting pot of unique experiences. Whether you’re hoping to take in ancient temples, vibrant cities or sublime natural beauty, a tailor-made Vietnam tour will provide it all. From travellers on a budget to once-in-a-lifetime adventure seekers with cash to splash, a Discova Tour can be designed to suit.

Travellers can choose to visit the hustle and bustle of Hanoi with its wide tree-lined boulevards; head to Hoi An to explore the city’s iconic ancient history; or stop off at the frenetic Ho Chi Minh City to experience some of the finest foods and smartest restaurants around. And, it’s not just the ever-shifting cities that will entice, Vietnam’s awe-inspiring landscape has something to satisfy every wanderlust ideal. Head to Ha Long Bay for the breath-taking sight of serene turquoise waters majestically punctuated by gigantic, foliage-topped rocks or visit some of the world’s most spectacular subterranean landscapes in Hang Son Doong (a series of caves so vast they even have their own weather system). Whichever stops you choose to include in your tailor-made Vietnam itinerary, you won’t fail to be moved by the sights of this glorious country.

From beach breaks to foodie adventures; remote village treks to cruises along the Mekong; at Discova, we pride ourselves on offering expertly crafted, tailor-made Vietnam tours to suit you. With a host of unique and unforgettable experiences, a Vietnam trip with Discova will be customised to suit your needs and budget.

Get inspired with some sample experiences

Hue Street Eats


Sit back and enjoy riding through the bustling streets aboard a ‘cyclo’ whilst exploring the ancient city’s gastronomic delights. Mingle with locals at Dong Ba Market, taste a variety of Hue’s famous steamed cakes at a family eatery, stop by other local vendors to try fried pancake and grilled pork skewers, and slurp a bowl of Hue’s iconic beef noodle soup. End the evening with a cup of surprisingly delightful salt coffee!

Discova the Difference

A brand-new tour in Hue which introduces ancient dishes and ends with a unique stop at a ‘salt coffee’ shop.

Hidden Saigon Half-Day Tour

Ho Chi Minh City

Explore the secrets of this city full of hidden worlds and magic microcosms waiting to be discovered. Follow in the footsteps of locals at the market, weave through meandering alleys to secret cafes brewing coffee in unique ways and climb down into cellars once used to stash weapons before discovering a trendy new world inside an ordinary-looking old building.

Discova the Difference

This specially developed program takes travellers to rarely visited local gems that aren’t found on the tourist map.

Explore the Nature and Culture of Untouched Da Bac

Hòa Bình

Discover a truly authentic side to Vietnam with this three-day adventure to the remote Da Bac community-based tourism project. Explore two ethnic minority villages and gain insight into the local customs and traditions at a homestay. Hike, kayak and swim through the untouched environment and leave this scenic region with a relaxed mind, new perspectives and unforgettable memories.

Discova the Difference

This little-known destination offers truly authentic local experiences that promote responsible tourism as all activities and homestays are run by the local community with the guidance of an NGO.

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