Virtual Educational Travel Programs

Our award-winning educational programs have always been innovative, generating a positive impact on those who take part and for the destinations in which they take place.

With our new range of virtual educational travel programs, we invite students to come together to approach new languages, immerse themselves in a new culture, interact with hosts from a different country, and learn new skills in the process. Through the creation of these virtual experiences, we ensure that travellers are still empowered to learn and grow.

Temple of literature

Virtual Workshops

Through the learning and practice of new skills and approaches of other cultures, we are formed as better peopleembracing the world’s great cultural diversity. One great insight into the life and soul of a country is its food. Through an examination of a country’s approach to the experience of eating, we can understand the remarkable idiosyncrasies that characterize its culture. Guided by a qualified chef, students will learn to prepare and enjoy various recipes from other countries, gaining an appreciation for the cultural importance of the prepared meals along the way.

Virtual Student Exchanges

Interacting with people from other cultures enriches the spirit, and makes us universal citizens, capable of being empathetic and social. In these programs, students socialize with other students through games and other activities while learning about the language, history, gastronomy, and attractions of their respective countries. A veritable exchange of ideas, simultaneously teachers and students, those who take part will receive some certification for their efforts.

Egg coffee
Long Bien Bridge

Virtual Tours

These times have proved that it is possible to visit other countries without having to travel physically. Led by an expert guide, students will experience visiting other countries, seeing their tourist attractions and landscapes, and their cultural richness through various activities and games. With a mixture of pre-recorded videos and live content, students will build on their own research to make this virtual tour a rewarding learning exercise

Virtual Training

With our virtual training programs, we will look to team up with universities across Asia to offer students the opportunity to continue learning remotely. Covering various different subjects in different faculties, our aim is to allow students to continue studying for credits as part of their curriculum. The programs are based around peer-to-peer learning, gaining insights from students and mentors in the host country. The mentors involved are experts in their field of study and will guide students along every step of the way.

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