Ambassador Experiences-Inside Discova’s Guide Academy

March 13, 2024

A unique in-house concept since our inception, Discova’s Guide Academy was designed to be more than a learning centre, where we cultivate not “just” guides, but passionate ambassadors of travel experiences. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond showcasing destinations; it’s about crafting unforgettable journeys filled with meaning, connection, and positive impact. Let’s explain why our Guide Academy is essential and the incredible benefits it brings to our clients. 

At the heart of Discova’s Guide Academy lies a deep understanding that tourism guiding is an art form, requiring skill, knowledge, and genuine passion. We believe that our guides are not just facilitators of sightseeing; they are curators of memories, flagbearers of culture, and stewards of sustainability. Under our motto, “Empowering Guides, Elevating Experiences”, we have seen a shift in how our guides are perceived through high-in-demand queries from our clients and partners.  

Our Guide Academy serves as a platform for continuous learning and professional development. To highlight the intangible lessons of how guiding has evolved and how crucial it has become for the overall travel experience, Discova has laid out a strategic and systematic trajectory for the passionate pursuant of culture, culinary, heritage, and the historical side of guiding.  

 By heavily, and consistently, investing in our guides, we empower them to deliver exceptional experiences that go beyond expectations. Here are the foundations of how guiding is elevated to the next level at Discova. 

Expertise in Every Story 
The Discova guides aren’t just narrators: once completing their stint at our academy, they become historians delving into the layers of the past, spinning enthralling tales that bring their destination and history to life. Through immersive storytelling, they garner respect and comprehension from guests, enhancing the travel adventure with cultural richness. Often through role play and scenarios, our mission is to let our guides tell captivating tales in search of meaningful connections that inspire our clients. 

Memories Captured, Moments Preserved 
Apart from being excellent guides, our Discova ambassadors on the ground are also skilled photographers, capturing the heart of every moment. Armed with photography tips and a sharp eye for detail, they preserve travellers’ experiences, turning passing moments into treasured memories. From mobiles to professional cameras, they know how to record memorable moments, thanks to our curriculum at the Discova Guide Academy. 

Champions of Conservation 
At the heart of Discova beliefs, lies a deep commitment to caring for our environment. Our guides are not just experts in their field; they’re passionate champions of conservation. They love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with travellers, inspiring them to engage in responsible tourism and supporting sustainable initiatives wherever they go. 

Cultural Curators 
As champions of their heritage, part of our aspirations at Discova Guide academy is to turn our guides into masters of creating immersive cultural exchanges that celebrate local traditions and build real connections. Our guides understand the intangible aspect that brings people together across cultures, and they are experts at translating cultural differences into genuine experiences that break down barriers. 

Educators for Exploration 
Lifelong learners at heart, all our Discova guides are committed to constantly updating their knowledge to provide astute insights into history, culture, and nature. As part of the recruitment process at Discova Guide Academy, we choose guides with a thirst for knowledge, igniting curiosity and sparking meaningful conversations with every new opportunity.  

Community Connectors 
All our hand-picked guides are expert communicators and bridge builders rolled into one. During their academic tenure at Discova, they learn to work their magic to create wonderful connections between explorers, local communities, and service providers. With their excellent know-how of local customs and lay of the land, they have a proven track record of ensuring a seamless and mutually rewarding experience for travellers. 

Artists of Engagement 
From Mexico to Japan, our tour guides are like skilled actors, charmingly presenting themselves while ensuring they don’t steal the limelight. They take clients around with flair and ease, making their travel experience truly more captivating. With their skills of adaptability and finesse, they are proud of delivering journeys that are unique and spectacular in every way. 

Emotional Support 
Some of our destinations may evoke certain unforeseen emotions in our clients. From the funny to the poignant, no situation is the same. Discover guides are here to listen and nurture your emotional well-being, creating a supportive space when needed. Your emotional needs will be well taken care of, thanks to our kind and empathic guides. 

Life-Changing Opportunities
We are committed to making our course accessible to those from less fortunate backgrounds, as we continue to shape the futures of aspiring guides. We have pledged to finance at least 30% of new guide trainees, many of whom would otherwise settle for low-paying jobs after graduating high school. By nurturing their skills, we enable them to climb the ranks, securing better-paying positions and even funding university education for themselves and their siblings.  

Pivoting Communities 
Embedded within the essence of Discova’s NPS is a profound sentiment: “We are Travellers at Heart.” This philosophy underpins our commitment to making that positive change in the communities we inhabit, operate in, and traverse. It is also a key principle governing our Guide Academy as we empower local talents to present their destinations in the most authentic way. 

What sets Discova’s Guide Academy apart is our unwavering commitment to raising the bar in tourism guiding. We have learned that the art of guiding cannot be taught on paper and through exams. At its core, the path to becoming a Discova guide requires a more in-depth approach that focuses more on storytelling and cultural immersion rather than merely ticking things off one’s bucket list.  

Aside from their skills in handling emergencies, being excellent troubleshooters and supporting changes when needed, Discova guides have undoubtedly raised the bar in the travel industry. And with our own academy in Asia and the Americas, we continue to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and passion needed to excel, and put people in touch with travel in ways that they might not be used to.  

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