Bach Tran, Regional Manager in Asia, Discova

Discova Women in Leadership: Bach Tran

April 14, 2023

Global gender equity can only become a reality when we have the support of the men in our society. Men like Bach Tran, a wonderful example of a male leader at Discova who values and celebrates what the women in his team bring to the table, and who is acutely aware of the benefits of a diverse workforce (and the consequences of a lack thereof).

Bach is our Regional Manager for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar & Global Network, and continues our series on exemplary leaders in ‘Discova Women in Leadership’. Our intention is to highlight how both men and women in Discova leadership positions champion gender equity and address topics that inhibit that equity.

Meet Bach

What impact do you think it has for a community or a business if they don’t have a diverse workforce and leadership teams?  

“Lack of diverse workforce severely hampers the sustainability of both the community and business. Restricted viewpoint, discrimination, and limited role models are the common theme in this type of culture which in turn alienates people and stifles creativity and innovation.”

Bach (first from right) out for lunch with his team in Hanoi.

“Lack of diversity breeds fragmented and lopsided viewpoints and approaches, which prevent. the ability to self-correct, stay resilient and thrive in VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) world.” 

What benefits have you seen having a diverse workforce and leadership team in your region?   

“A diverse workforce and leadership team holds each of us accountable and means we respect different viewpoints, skillsets, genders, races, age, and backgrounds.  

First and foremost, these intrinsic core values require self-awareness, to challenge your own biases and self-development. When you learn to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and are willing to step out of your comfort zone. You are less likely to stick to your viewpoint and agenda and you tend to come up with more a holistic and balanced approach, which yields more positive outcomes and better decision making for our people, community and business.”

Bach out for dinner with some of Discova’s leaders, including our Global Recruitment Leader, Parnpailin Boonwan (first from left), and General Manager for our Educational Travel, Eileen Yee (second from left).

“Diversity in the workforce brings a sense of belonging, increases employee engagement, and enhances company culture, as well as reduces employee turnover and encourages comprehensive skillsets.

What strengths do the women in your SWOT team bring?

“Our women SWOT leaders are fearless. I am impressed and inspired by their determination not to take easy safe options, never shy away from any challenges and together come up with far superior solutions for our people, community and business.  

Personally, our women SWOT leaders keep my blind spots in check, get me unstuck from my own prejudices and save me from challenging situations where my skillset is stretched to its limit.”

What more can the tourism industry do to champion and empower equity?  

“Our industry can encourage tourism businesses to integrate gender equity into their governance, policies, and work practices. And we can amplify this by setting an industry example for ways in which organisations can support gender equity in the workplace.”

Community development in Laos, Discova
Bach (right) with one of our amazing Discova Educational Travel tour guides, Houmphan Panyamany.

“We need to remove barriers, ensure fair and equitable access to resources and opportunities, as well as encourage greater financial, professional and social independence. Part of that necessitates providing a plan for leadership development at all levels.

It’s about celebrating success, getting the message out there, and creating global change.”

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