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COVID-19 Situation Update

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19: Update from Discova’s Team On The Ground

Improving Children’s Welfare and Education in Om Goi, Thailand

To continue to raise awareness around World Children's Day, we thought we would provide insight into what’s been happening at our Om Goi project in Thailand.

Announcing a New Partnership with ChildSafe

We continue our commitment to responsible practices by teaming up with ChildSafe to develop Virtual Child Protection Training.

Make a Difference on World Children’s Day

Since it's World Children's Day this week, we thought what better time to share some info on one of our projects in Laos - a reminder of how you can make a difference.

The Dominican Republic Looks Set For a Big Year in 2021

We provide a recap on the country's coronavirus measures and offer some insights into the optimistic situation on the ground. 2021 looks promising for Dominican tourism!

Great News for Partners as 7-Day Cancellation Policy Extended

We share a letter from our Director of Sales bringing some welcome news for partners and travellers.

Announcing Our New Range of 2020-21 Destination Guides

We launch our new set of guides that will allow our partners to provide tailored experiences to their travellers. Browse and be inspired!

Jump for Joy as Costa Rica Opens Up

With the exciting news of Costa Rica's opening, we recap what we have been doing to prepare for travellers and run through some of the potential experiences available.

Beyond Day of the Dead: Festivals of Mexico

With Dia de Muertos having just passed, we explore the festival and take a look at other highlights in the calendar for travellers to look out for.

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