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Calling All Solo Female Travellers: Travel Through Costa Rica with Discova Confidence!

March 14, 2024

Solo travel can be a scary proposition for many women, who want to explore the world on their own terms, but not at the cost of their personal safety. It is then up to governments and tourism agencies to set policies in place and make travel an equitable space where all individuals feel empowered to venture out to the path unknown.

Sofia Network is one such initiative that was born out of a collaboration between the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the National Women’s Institute (INAMU), to make sure that solo female travellers can explore the country with ease. It represents a network of companies, people and communities committed to generating confidence for all tourists (especially women) who travel through the country, so that they can have the best experience and a safe stay. And it gives us great pride to announce that Discova Costa Rica has recently been officially certified as a member of the SOFIA Network Programme. 

Ecstatic at this huge achievement, Yumiko Sato, our Country Manager for Costa Rica, says, “We feel proud to be acknowledged for ensuring all our customers, especially those who might seem more vulnerable feel as safe as possible whilst travelling with us in Costa Rica.  
“Our main providers are part of this organisation as well, and this helps the country, as we will together, do what is possible to promote security amongst all people who come here. And we don’t take these accreditations lightly. It is up to us, as a company, to lead by example and hope everyone else will follow.” 

Sofia in Greek means, ‘she who has wisdom’, and according to this programme, this name represents the numerous qualities of women travellers, who make their own way in this world. And Costa Rica for one, wants to help every female tourist explore and enjoy the country while feeling safe at all times.  

By undergoing rigorous training and becoming part of this network, Discova aims to demonstrate our commitment to gender equality and tourist safety for all our clients, whether they are seasoned travellers or embarking on their first solo trip.   

As a parting advice, Yumiko adds, “Women who plan on travelling to Costa Rica should not fear coming here. People, in general, are super friendly and helpful. It is recommended to always be aware of your surroundings as one would be back home. Do a bit of research about the areas you will stay in. How to get there, what there is to do, anything one should know before arriving (thinking more about the times of public transport or closing times of shops, etc), but it is worth the visit, and you won’t regret it!” 

Why Choose Discova based on the Red Sofia Certification? 

  • Explore with Confidence: The network ensures a safe and welcoming environment for solo female travellers. 
  • Experience the Best of Costa Rica: Discover hidden gems and enjoy unforgettable experiences with businesses committed to your well-being. 
  • Be Part of Something Bigger: Join a community dedicated to promoting gender equality in tourism. 

We congratulate our team in Costa Rica for making great strides for conscious exploration within its amazing borders! 


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