Discova Active Highlights: Day Tours in Cambodia

June 7, 2023

We visited Thailand and Vietnam, and now our series on active day tours continues to Cambodia. Give your travellers day excursions that are responsible, meaningful and fun. 

Here your clients can enjoy:

  • An unforgettable Angkor Wat sunrise and temple explorations by bicycle (or Vespa)
  • A e-bicycle ride through the charming Siem Reap countryside, with plenty of local life experiences woven in
  • A hike up Phnom Kulen Mountain, full of history, scenic views and a stunning waterfall
  • A kayaking trip to the charming fishing village of Mechrey

Active day tours in Cambodia

Home to the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat Complex, a uniquely serene countryside and an incredibly welcoming, gentle people, Cambodia lends itself particularly well to slower active excursions that immerse travellers in local culture and history.

What we have on offer: 

Angkor Sunrise Discovery

An early start to explore Angkor Wat is not only wise, but a pricelessly beautiful experience. After watching a breathtaking sunrise amidst the temple grounds, your travellers will explore the ancient wonder on foot at the quietest and coolest time of day. Afterwards, they will enjoy a private breakfast just outside the temple area in peaceful surroundings.  

Angkor sunrise cycling tour
It's really no surprise that this is one of our best selling day tours in Cambodia, with stops at some of Angkor's most famous temples.

Fueled by a hearty breakfast, they will spend the rest of the morning cycling the complex’s back trails through forest to some of Angkor’s renowned ancient ruins, stopping at both iconic and lesser-known temples. Along the way their expert guide reveals the history and unique stories of sites built and changed by both Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

Their cycling adventure is rewarded with a delicious lunch in a local restaurant.


Distance: 20-25 kilometres

Level required: Novice cycling skills, however, this can prove to be a moderately challenging route during the daytime’s heat

Best season to go: Accessible year-round, but best during the cooler season between November and January


*We offer a similar, equally fun but easier option through an 8-8.5 hour Vespa tour!

Siem Reap Countryside by E-bike

This half-day countryside e-bike tour will take your clients further into the rural outskirts of Siem Reap. With the pedal-assisted power at their disposal, they can go further without breaking an extra sweat.

A day cycling e-bike tour around Siem Reap's countryside, Cambodia
An easy to navigate, accessible-for-all route through Siem Reap's charming, quiet countryside.

Around the city’s countryside, the way of life that has changed little over the centuries. In this charming rural setting, your travellers will taste their way through traditional snacks, with a charming visit to a local village house included. During their journey, they will also learn about the age-old craft of basket/rattan weaving from a local expert, meet eager fishermen at West Baray and a local medicine man, and experience a water blessing at the local monastery.

Distance: 40 kilometres

Level required: Novice, easy

Best season to go: As this tour is pedal-assisted, any time of year can be suitable

Kulen Mountain Hike, Full-day Private Tour

Considered the birthplace of the Khmer Empire, Phnom Kulen is about a 1.5 to 2-hour drive out of Siem Reap. The mountain is considered sacred and is deeply revered by both locals and visitors from all over Cambodia.

Hiking at Phnom Kulen Mountain, Siem Reap, Cambodia
A relatively easy hike with incredible views and ancient wonders hidden within its forests, Phnom Kulen Mountain is a must during a stay in Siem Reap.

A beautiful full-day tour, this hike begins at the base of the mountain, where travellers will slowly ascend for around two hours until reaching the waterfall peak. Along the way, they will move through forest trails and pass several ancient Khmer ruins. A local guide will explain the deep historical significance of this magical mountain, where King Jayavarman proclaimed independence from Java in 802. Visitors can pay a visit to the Buddhist pagoda and admire the worshippers that come to pray here. At the waterfall, your clients can take some time to enjoy the views before exploring the local shops.


Distance of hike: 6 kilometres, 2-3 hours

Level required: Novice, some basic fitness required

Best season to go: Accessible year-round, but most pleasant during the cooler season between November and January

Siem Reap Kayaking Trip to Fishing Village 

Houses in the village of Mechrey are built on floating platforms of bamboo, moored around a small hilltop pagoda during the flood. As the lake starts to recede, they are towed to deeper water. When the water is high, your travellers can kayak across the floodplain.

Tonle Sap floating houses
Your travellers will regularly cross paths with local paddlers, with the people of Tonle Sap's floating villages having adapted effortlessly to the rhythm of the lake.

As the dry season continues, together with their guide your travellers will instead take a motorboat to where the village has shifted, and then kayak out to the open Tonle Sap Lake. Here they can watch the birds and fishermen as the sun sinks low over the horizon, and observe the unique goings-on of daily life in this rural enclave.

Distance: 1-1.5 kilometres, 1-1.5 hours

Level required: Novice, easy

Best season to go: Accessible year-round, with high water levels between August and February, and the dry season between March and July


Adapt any of these experiences for your travellers, or design a customised multi-day active itinerary with us.

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