Learning Programs with Lifelong Impacts: DET in Singapore

December 6, 2022

We recently spoke about our educational sports tour in Japan, and are now focusing on a slightly different direction in Singapore. While it is a small place, when it comes to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) the possibilities for activity are endless here. We’ve designed a 10-day tour that covers some of Singapore’s most famed modern wonders. We’ve also added special tailor-made visits to Singapore’s National Technological University and Mediacorp to give students an even closer insight into the workings of some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

Read what’s in store and the unique learning outcomes your clients can expect.

What does the program entail?

The exploration already begins upon arrival, which is not surprising given the well-deserved fame Changi Airport has garnered. When your group lands in Changi International Airport, they’ll be greeted by their English-speaking guide and have their luggage taken to the hotel, leaving them with the freedom to enjoy a guided-tour of Jewel Changi. Exceptional projection shows, interactive games and digital immersions await.

Jewel Changi Airport
Jewel Changi effortlessly blends sustainability and modern technology

The following nine days are a whirlwind of science, art, sustainability and technology. The program includes a full-day drone-making workshop at the Singapore Science Centre, which will incorporate all four elements of STEM. Some days are interspersed with free time, and include visits to Marina Bay and the Civic District, the Singapore ArtScience Museum and the world-class Night Safari.

Light installation Singapore ArtScience Museum
A mesmerising light installation in Singapore's ArtScience Museum

Given its fame for sustainable urban planning and forward-thinking, no visit to Singapore is complete without a look into its design and architectural feats. Your group will visit the Edible Garden City for insight into the future of farming in Singapore, the Mobility Gallery and City Gallery for a glimpse into its modern transport system and city planning genius.

Gardens by the Bay
Futuristic Gardens by the Bay is guaranteed to impress both day and night

We’ve also ensured that this itinerary offers something unique, by incorporating a day of exclusive visits. This will include a morning at the National Technological University with lab tours in the Wind Tunnel, Robotics Lab, Air Traffic Control Tower, Singapore Centre for 3D Printing and the Innovation Lab, and a visit and 60-minute interactive tour of Singapore’s exceptional Mediacorp. 

Who is this program designed for? 

This itinerary is suited to both high school and university groups. While the program’s broad investigation of STEM topics matches school-goers who cover a wide variety of subjects, we can tailor and focus the program on one subject for university groups.

Nanyang Polytechnic Art School, Singapore
One of our university group clients receive a tour around Nanyang Polytechnic Art School

If a group of students majoring in engineering were to partake in this tour, for example, we would hone in on the engineering element of STEM and direct the activities towards this specific subject. Visits to relevant institutions could then also include an added visit and interaction with the head of a department, for even deeper insight into their relevant subject.

In either scenario, the itinerary is fully customisable. We chose Singapore precisely for this type of educational tour because every element of STEM can be easily found in its modern Asian city landscape within close proximity.

What are the unique learning outcomes for students?

1. STEM from a different perspective

Wherever your group arrives from, if it’s their first time in Singapore, it’s likely to be an incredible dive into a different version of STEM from what they’re used to. It’s not for nothing that this destination is known world-over for its incredible architecture and technology – there’s no place quite like it. The approach to this modernity will be different to what students are likely to find in the US, Australia or the UK, for example. It’s an eye-opening experience into one of the most advanced and fastest-growing Asian economies.

Koh Fah Technology Farm, Singapore
One of our student groups gets an insightful introduction of the modern farming techniques used at Koh Fah Technology Farm

2. Cultural sensitivity

Singapore’s unique culture, food and traditions are often forgotten amongst all the “modern” talk. We’ve ensured that this itinerary includes a few insights into local life, with a traditional bumboat tour at Clarke Quay, an on-foot meander in the historically-rich Civic District, visits to the Sultan Mosque, Little India district and Chinatown. More than a next-generation visit, students will receive a glimpse of a culture laden with history, different to their own.

Sultan Mosque, Singapore
Singapore's beautifully-designed Sultan Mosque

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