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Discova Women in Leadership: Alexandra Roldan

July 27, 2023

Alexandra Roldan has led our Costa Rica Operations team for over a year now. Her entry into the working world was with Discova in January 2020, and we’ve witnessed her impressive journey of growth into a respected, kind leader over these three short years.

Alex is a fitting example of the impact passionate, conscientious women leaders can make. As part of our on-going Women in Leadership series, we spoke to Alex to find out how she encourages her team and what advice she would give to other young, aspiring women entering the travel industry.

Meet Alex

What has your leadership journey with Discova been like up until now?

“In 2020, I started my journey at Discova as an Operations Executive, I had the support of incredible women who taught me a lot of what I know today.

Three months after I started, the pandemic arrived, and it was time to reinvent ourselves and create new opportunities. I have been in charge of the Operations department in Costa Rica for more than a year and it has been an enriching journey of much learning from both the achievements and the mistakes. And I’m so excited about what’s to come.

During this time, I have grown a lot as a person and as a professional, and I have had the opportunity to work together with other departments and learn from them.”

Costa Rica, Day of the Dead
Alex (second from left) with her team during office celebrations of Costa Rica's version of the 'Day of the Dead' festival.
As a leader, how do you encourage/foster the continued development of the women in your team?

“I ensure that we have a strong, unified approach. We believe that we have the same opportunities as men. We are capable if we make an effort just like anyone else; if we want it, we can achieve it. We must support each other, and should not be afraid to express our opinion and make ourselves heard. Whenever needed, I try to remind myself and my colleagues of this mantra.”

Gender equity statistics at Discova
Earlier this year we shared some of our gender equity stats (Alex featured right).
What do you love most about being a leader?

“I love the part of being a support for my team, being able to teach and learn from them. Motivate them to be better people and better professionals, help them find ways to achieve the best result.”

Sustainability and community support, Discova Costa Rica
As part of the sustainable and social development of the country, Discova Costa Rica continue to look for ways to help out the local community. Recently, the team here joined training for local entrepreneurs in Liberia and got involved by offering advice to help grow their businesses.

“The key is to listen to each other to be able to improve in our tasks and for results to turn out in the best way possible.

On the other hand, working together with the other leaders has taught me to see more possibilities and different points of view for the different situations that arise every day.”

What advice would you give to other young women who may be entering the tourism industry in their first job?

“The opportunity at Discova was also my first job. And I think there are a lot of growth stories of great women who have achieved a lot, both at Discova and in tourism, that serve as examples and inspiration.”

Team building and supplier inspection with Discova Costa Rica
On a recent supplier inspection, our Costa Rica team enjoyed some ziplining fun (Yumiko, third from left).

“I think the best advice would be to not give up in any situation, and especially to listen to others; sometimes out of pride we want to be right in everything, but there are always alternative options and people who can support us and provide us with a broader panorama with different opinions and solutions to problems.”


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