Kaura Bali: A New Immersive Village Experience

February 24, 2023

Say hello to Kaura Bali, a new immersive village experience developed in Manggis, East Bali. Together with Cross Hotels & Resorts and in collaboration with the local villagers, we are opening this passion project to guests in the coming months.

The retreat was born from our collective desire to elevate and support the sustainable growth of the community of Manggis. If you’ve followed our story here from the beginning, you know that the villagers faced dire economic obstacles here during the onslaught of the pandemic.

You can follow our history with Manggis here: Manggis Part I, Manggis Part II, Manggis Part III, Manggis Part IV.

Where they once struggled to produce enough rice to sustain themselves following the breakage of an irrigation pipe, the community now thrives off organic farming initiatives, raised income sources and skills development. And now they lead, share and benefit from the experiences delivered at the Kaura Bali retreat. 

About Kaura Bali

Kaura Bali sits above the sweeping terraces of East Bali amongst the humble communities of Manggis. The retreat is made up of 22 Pavilion rooms, consisting of two types: the Kaura Pavilion and the Kaura Family Pavilion. These have been designed to blend into the surroundings with a Balinese island aesthetic in mind, with soft wooden touches, crisp white linens and a light, unassuming style.

As guests step further into the village retreat, they will pass an educational community centre and walk further into a multi-purpose village hub area. Here they can take a seat in the carefully thought out, open-air restaurant or take a refreshing dip in the overhanging infinity pool, set with a view over the awe-inspiring valley below. A little further off, a yoga shala will invite them for mindful body practices, and a spa offers the most soothing, rejuvenating therapy treatments and massages.

The Kaura vision and spirit

Cross Hotels & Resorts and Discova’s collective mission with Kaura Bali is to offer an exceptional, unique accommodation experience in Bali away from the tourism hotspots, and to support the continued development of Manggis.

Every guest that stays in the retreat contributes to the growing success and income of the villagers who are employed here and collaborate with us. When guests enter, we want them to feel like they are a part of this journey and that they are, in essence, a part of the village.

Discovering culture through Kaura Bali
Both big and small temples dot the surroundings of Manggis, a constant reminder of the special relationship people here have with their faith

The Kaura brand is represented by two distinct colours, emerald green and bamboo yellow. The green reflects a sense of calm and balance with nature, a blending in of sorts. Guests are here to connect with the incredible natural environment around them in a gentle, minimally impactful way. In achieving this, we ensure that wherever possible we source resources locally and always respect the flora and fauna around us.

The yellow should feel like a warm embrace, a direct mirror of the people of Manggis. Guests are met with incredible warmth and a sense of genuine welcome. It is the people of Manggis who elevate Kaura Bali, and that is why 90% of the people employed here reside within a 10-kilometre radius.

Experiences at Kaura Bali

Kaura Bali is so much more than just accommodation. The community’s involvement in every step of the retreat experience is a necessity. The activities and excursions we offer here are thus led in collaboration with local villagers and seek to immerse guests in the Manggis and Balinese spirit.

Guests can enjoy a host of experiences, including unique activities that teach them about aspects of Balinese life that many travellers to the island miss out on. We offer:

  • Farming immersion experiences
  • Traditional cooking classes with the local village women
  • Hiking and cycling routes to the jungle and beach in the broader surroundings of Manggis
  • Spa treatments
  • Movie nights, dinners and bonfires under the serene Bali night sky
  • Balinese offering walks and temple visits
  • Traditional Balinese dance classes
  • Duck walks (they help support the organic removal of crop pests)

Packages offered at Kaura Bali

You can book two distinct packages for your clients’ stay at Kaura Bali. 

The All-inclusive Package: includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. 

The Ultimate All-inclusive Package: includes the above services, as well as our list of unforgettable experiences and excursions.

If guests prefer to dine-in or indulge in a spa treatment with a view from their Pavilion, they may request a special in-Pavilion service.

Find out more about Kaura Bali and book this exceptional retreat for your travellers:

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