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Popular Experiences in the Americas

Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic are all welcoming travellers to come and explore. These countries are fascinating destinations, with opportunities catering to all types of travellers. With the promise of rich and rewarding experiences, we thought we would give a run-down of some of our most popular products for each destination. Let’s dive in:

Costa Rica

Teeming with wildlife, roughly a quarter of Costa Rica’s land is covered in protected jungle, making it the ultimate destination for nature lovers. However, there’s more to this destination than its magnificent selection of national parks. For sure, the waterfalls, rivers, hot springs and hiking trails may be impressive – but there’s also the chance for travellers to kick back and relax on idyllic tropical beaches too. All the while, travellers never fail to gain an appreciation of the colourful and welcoming nature of Tico people.

Celeste River Hike


Travellers fully embrace the natural beauty of the Liberia region on this tour. Visitors will embark upon a peaceful, not-too-strenuous hike to witness the Celeste River waterfall. This waterfall is considered to be one of the most beautiful in all of Central America, owing to its vibrant turquoise waters caused by the local volcanic spring. Emerald green forests surround travellers while they stroll, spotting the unique flora and fauna on show. Budding photographers are sure to be spoilt for choice for scenery to capture along the way. After appreciating the waterfall, travellers enjoy a well-earned spread of Tico treats set within a secluded forest area at La Cabana restaurant. Suitably refreshed, visitors will continue walking through the glorious national park as they go in seek of elusive sloths in the nearby preserve, as well the famous ‘blue-jeans’ frogs and the vast array of birds in the canopy—a great adventure showcasing the highlights of the region.

turqoise waterfall

Palo Verde National Park and Cultural Tour

La Casona hacienda

A glance into Guanacaste culture set within the majestic beauty of another national park – the perfect combination. Visitors start their day in the Hacienda El Viejo wetlands, at ‘La Casona’, an impressive stylish mansion where travellers can enjoy a welcome cocktail. From here, they embark on a tranquil boat ride along the river, providing stunning views as passengers point out and marvel at the wildlife all around. The afternoon sees a return to La Casona for an induction into Costa Rican culture – from the Trapiche to the coffee process, to traditional corn-tortilla making. For the final instalment of the tour, travellers will be encouraged to get moving as they take part in a traditional music and dancing show, making the day an unforgettable experience.


Mexico is world-famous for its beach resorts, natural wonders, fascinating history, and its delicious cuisine. The fiesta spirit is plain to see, as visitors can always get a feel for that famously fun and energetic Central American hospitality.

3 Cultures, Teotihuacan Pyramids, and Shrine of Guadelupe

On this trip from Mexico City, travellers gain an appreciation of the history of Mexico by diving into the fascinating world of indigenous Aztec culture. At the pyramids of Teotihuacan, travellers visit world-famous sites such as the temple of the sun and the temple of Quetzalcoatl, walking along the Calzada de Los Muertos. This religious centre is an awe-inspiring sight as it allows visitors to marvel at the constructive efforts of this ancient culture. Over and above the impressive views, visitors should take time to understand the historical significance of this site to Mexican people. Visitors will also learn about pulque, a traditional milky drink with a sweet flavour that is extracted from the cactus.


On the return journey to Mexico City, travellers will make a stop at the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This is an important site of pilgrimage for Catholics and is considered to be the national shrine of Mexico. The site is where the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared to Saint Juan Diego, and the main shrine houses a cloak containing her image. Travellers walk around the esplanade of the church complex and witness the faith that Mexicans profess at this sacred place. Both these experiences should help travellers to understand and gain an insight into Mexican culture.

Rhythms of the Night

Conceived of, written, and directed by Gilles Ste-Croix, co-creator of Cirque du Soleil, Rhythms of the Night – SAVIA is a breathtaking interpretation of the Aztec creation story. The show is a celebration of spectacular acrobatic skill, pulsating rhythms, vibrant dance, and fantastic costumes. Travellers will be taken deep into the heart of the steamy rainforest of Las Caletas to find a mystical amphitheatre, beside a crumbling ancient pyramid, beneath the clear starry sky – a fantastical setting for such a performance. World-class entertainment awaits combined with great food as guests take their places to watch the spirit world convene. This is an unmissable experience for those who like to escape into a magical performance that delights all the senses.

Chichen Itza Plus

Many visitors to Mexico will not want to miss the opportunity to visit one of the iconic wonders of the world. Travellers explore the sprawling temple complex on this day trip and immerse themselves in the history of Mayan culture, appreciating the manmade wonders of the impressive pyramids. From the intriguing ball court to the beguiling feathered serpent sculptures, travellers discover the ruins at their own pace. The Mayans probably settled at this sport in the Yucatan peninsula due to the easy access to water via the network of nearby caves and sinkholes in limestone formations – known as cenotes. After visiting the site, travellers will get the chance to take a dip in the beautiful freshwater of nearby Ik Kil cenote, as well as enjoying a traditional Mexican buffet lunch. Due to the social distancing measures, Chichen Itza is operating at limited capacity. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t dissuade travellers from visiting as Discova has in place several vehicles to ensure smaller tour groups to comply with restrictions – travellers should not miss this experience of a lifetime.

These experiences cover only a fraction of what we have to offer in the Americas. With destinations of such variety, it’s difficult to truly capture the essence of a particular place in just three snippets of our products. Having said that, we hope these offer an insight into the experiences that are available for travellers and get everybody excited about the opportunity to travel once again. Rest assured, our agents are ready to answer any questions and share more information about our products in the Americas.

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